Tuesday, November 3, 2015

School Leaders and The Emperor's New Clothes

What is more frustrating –and unprofessional – than dishonest school leaders?  I just read an online posting from a school leader talking about the importance of excellence, genuine care for one another, respect, humility and gratitude.  I know firsthand this school leader does not demonstrate those qualities/values in his professional life.   And I know that the members of the school community are aware of those shortcomings. 

What is happening in your school?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Digital Panhandling

It's been almost three years. I thought I was through with posting.  And then I was made aware of a situation that begs attention.  As a former student government advisor, the term "fund raising" meant creating a service to sell - or things to sell. That was then. It is now November 2015, and it seems a very large high school has set up a web page, similar to a go fund me page, asking people to give money.  That's it - just GIVE money.  They call it a fund raiser, but they offer no service or items to purchase.  The money goes to the students they describe as "model" students to offset costs for classroom supplies, conferences, etc. They specify, as an example, that a $50 donation will purchase a sweatshirt for one student.

What are the students learning?

I'm speechless.  Welcome to digital panhandling.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Teachable Moment?


I was at the park recently when I heard a young child ask her mother why the lady in the park was picking up trash.  The youngster didn’t recognize the lady as a park employee. I didn’t hear the mother’s response.  I wonder what the best way to respond was.  In this employment market, people who have lost their jobs are happy to secure any employment. Was the person picking up trash a former corporate executive?  Was it a wife returning to work because her spouse lost a job – and any job was better than no job?  Was this a teachable for the parent to talk to the child about the respect for any job well done?  Was this the time to talk about the importance of education?  The child appeared to be about five years old. Certainly the conversation with an older child would take a different direction.  Was this a teachable moment?  I would love to know what you think.